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Search Engine Optimization services by ProSEOcontent gives you a competitive edge by offering the best and most complete SEO solutions under one roof. We are a full service SEO company offering professional copywriters and editors who are native English speakers and search engine experts who have more than 15 years of combined optimization experience.

Our services are not the cheapest but are structured so that even mom and pop shops can compete with larger companies. Hiring SEO professionals might seem to cost more at first but in just a short amount of time, you will notice the higher quality of service and rankings results you want by hiring a professional SEO agency. You get more than what you pay for by using a quality SEO company. Using the services of a professional SEO firm like ProSEOcontent is the smallest investment in your business you can make with the greatest return on investment (ROI) in the shortest amount of time.

On Page Optimization Services

SEO Copywriting Services

SEO Copywriting Service Professional English Copywriter - SEO Writing Service Plans and Pricing

See SEO Writing Service Plans and Pricing

Choose our Website SEO Copywriting Services for on-page optimization of website pages to gain maximum search engine visibility. SEO copywriting includes basic keyword research, original and unique content creation and writing targeted for conversion. Content writers are professional American copywriters who are native English speakers. Since we are creating content for your specific website, we do require some involvement on your part to gain an understanding of your target audience and the image you are setting forth.

Search Engine Optimized Copywriting Services are for: SEO content writing for website pages, Ecommerce Websites, Product descriptions, SEO Real Estate website content creation, Niche Site content creation.

Blog Writing and Blog Management Service

Blog writing services and blog management service for corporate blogging - Corporate Blog Management Service Plans and Pricing

See Blog Management Service Plans and Pricing

Managing a blog effectively is a full-time job. Choose our blog writing services to maximize search engine visibility and get back to your business. Our affordable blogging services can be ordered for one-off blog posts or for even bigger savings, contact us to set up a monthly blogging service subscription. Monthly blog writing service includes value-added services like more effective keyword-targeted writing for SEO campaigns, an optimized image with every post, on-page optimization of blog posts and more.

Blog writing services are offered to those looking for an affordable blog solution. We provide quality content writing optimized for search engines and humans.

Blog management services are for serious SEO conversion campaigns for corporate blogging, business blogging and niche blogging.

Off Page Optimization Services

Article Writing Services

SEO Optimized Website Article Writing Service - Article Writing Service Plans and Pricing

See Article Writing Service Plans and Pricing

Writing articles and submitting them to directories are an easy way to gain backlinks to your website. Article writing services from ProSEOcontent gives you an advantage over competitors by offering the expertise of professional writers who research the latest topics and trends that are specific to your industry. Our writing services include basic keyword research and provide unique article writing with optimized anchor text to maximize your link building efforts. We write articles for you to submit and publish as your own. With article writing services, you don’t have to be as involved as with our SEO website copywriting services. Just answer some basic questions and we’ll have your article ready for you to proof and submit within a few days.

For those who want a packaged article solution, we offer affordable value-added services like: article submission services, adding more versions of the article to target long tail keywords and anchor text.

SEO Submission Services

SEO Article Submission Services, Directory Submission Services, Press Release Submissions Service - SEO Submission Service Plans and Pricing

See SEO Submission Service Plans and Pricing

Submission services can be ordered as stand-alone services or as a discounted add-on service to our SEO writing Services. Submitting articles, press releases and websites to directories that are relevant to your website offers guaranteed permanent links with targeted keyword rich anchor text backlinks. ProSEOcontent only submits to high PageRank web 2.0 websites and directories with high search engine visibility. SEO Submission Services include:

  • Article Submission Service
  • Manual Directory Submission
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Sitemap Creation and Submission

Link Building Services

Link Building Service Plans and Pricing - Backlink link Building Service

See Link Building Service Plans and Pricing

Effective Link Building is essential to a website’s search engine visibility. We build permanent backlinks to your website from high PR web 2.0 properties. Link Building through credible and established websites within your niche helps website search engine optimization by grouping your website with those authority websites. Each link built is like a vote of confidence from an authority site vouching for your site, lending their credibility to yours. We build links through blog commenting, forum commenting, forum signatures and more. We scour and find do-follow, high PageRank, high authority websites that are relevant to your website and contribute to the conversation. We never spam.

Business Copywriting & Editing

Copywriting and Copyediting Service Plans and Pricing - Business Copywriting Copyediting

See Copywriting and Copyediting Service Plans and Pricing

Have a dedicated full-service copywriting team at your disposal without the overhead!

We offer outsourced “in-house” copywriting services for writing companies, advertising agencies, public relations firms and businesses. When companies need writing but do not have their own in-house writing team, they outsource copywriting to a professional copywriting company – ProSEOcontent. We work with companies behind the scenes and provide ghostwriting copywriting services.

We are professionals and never contact your clients – if you want us to, we can contact clients on your behalf acting as your in-house copywriting team under your company name. Your clients will never know your copywriting team is not really “in-house” and provided by us. We offer small and large businesses an affordable in-house copywriting solution without the overhead of having full-time employees.

  • Business copywriting
  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • e-Books (ghostwriting)
  • PDF Writing
  • Case studies
  • White Papers
  • Newsletters
  • Free reports as sign-up bonuses
  • Pamphlets/Brochures
  • Marketing Materials
  • E-mail Sales Marketing

Social Networking

Social Media Networking Profiles Service Web 2.0 Properties - Social Networking Service Plans and Pricing

See Social Networking Service Plans and Pricing

Social Media Profiles on web 2.0 properties build authority and trust for your web business. Social media marketing allows businesses to communicate with customers on an interpersonal level, providing a voice to an otherwise faceless business. Use social media to promote services/products to a targeted audience. When social media profiles are properly optimized and maintained, they can be used to gain customers and build link popularity by creating one-way backlinks.

  • Social media profile building on web 2.0 properties
  • HubPage building & Hub marketing
  • Squidoo Lens creation & Lens marketing
  • SEO Slideshare slideshow
  • Online Public Relations Services
  • Social media maintenance services
  • *Social Networking Services include setup & building of optimized profiles. Social networking on behalf of companies and maintenance of pages can be ordered on a contract basis.

SEO Consulting Services

Affordable SEO Consultants - SEO Consulting, Assessment, Analysis, Review Service Plans and Pricing

See SEO Consulting and Assessment Service Plans and Pricing

  • SEO Consultations by the Hour saves you money, answers optimization questions specific to your website and market, and provides a targeted Optimization plan customized with your goals in mind.
    • Free SEO Plan with a credit applied towards service.
  • Full SEO Analysis and Review Consulting provides an in-depth look into your website optimization problem areas and recommends solutions. Includes:
    • Content Management System (CMS) Analysis
    • On-Page SEO Analysis
    • Off-Page SEO Analysis
    • Recommendations
    • Free Customized SEO Plan with a credit applied towards SEO services quote

Search Engine Friendly and SEO Optimized Web Design

SEO Optimized Web Design and Development Services Company - SEO Website Design Service Plans and Pricing

See SEO Website Design Service Plans and Pricing

An optimized website begins with an optimized web design. SEO web design involves much more than simply making a website look pretty. We develop websites with clean, optimized code, giving your business search engine visibility advantages over the competition. We take great care to optimize the website from the inside out so that sites can have a solid foundation for future SEO efforts. New websites benefit from our services by having an optimized website – just add content and you’re done. Existing websites benefit from our SEO design services because (amongst other things that need to be cared for when re-designing an existing site) we preserve the Page Rank you already have by re-directing your old links. We don’t just make a website look good, we optimize websites from the ground up.

  • SEO Web Design & Development
  • Optimized Website Re-design
  • Thesis Theme Customization
  • Website Optimization
  • WordPress / Thesis Theme Migration

Customized DIY SEO Plan for Business Websites

Can’t afford our monthly SEO services? No problem. We can create a customized DIY SEO tutorial for your business so that you, or employees, can maintain your own search engine optimization. The guides are highly customized for your business and include:

  • Thorough research of your market and high Page Rank sources (that are relevant to your business – VERY valuable) for backlink building, forums, directories, and more
  • A monthly optimization checklist – the key to search engine optimization is consistency and doing things on a schedule
  • A prioritized SEO checklist – for times when you just don’t have the time to maintain SEO – We tell you the “must-do’s” for the most return on investment (ROI)

WordPress Security Service

WordPress Security Service

See WordPress Security Service Plans and Pricing

We build optimized websites using WordPress as the content management system (CMS) because WordPress is already search engine friendly and user-friendly. But, because WordPress is such a popular CMS (for its ease of use and robust features), it attracts hackers to exploit WordPress’ known securities vulnerabilities. If you order SEO website design services, you’re already protected because WordPress security features are included with every optimized design we build. However, for businesses that already have a website designer or do not order our design services, we offer standalone WordPress security installations for new and existing websites.

We also offer monthly SEO maintenance plans (below are just a few that come to mind). Please use our contact form to request information on the following SEO services:

Contracted Monthly Services

  • Rank Tracking
  • Content Writing / Copywriting
  • SEO Maintenance
  • Social Networking

Complete SEO Package Solutions

  • Complete Business Website Package
  • Content Writing Package
  • Press Release Package
  • Social Networking Package

Don’t see what you need? Just ask!
Need a customized SEO solution for your business?
Are you interested in discounted monthly SEO services from ProSEOcontent?
Need a custom SEO guide for your business?

Please contact us to request a quote! We work with budgets of all sizes and can design a custom optimization plan for your business.

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