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Business Copywriting and Copyediting Services

Professional Business Copywriting Copyediting English writer

Outsource copywriting and editing to professional American writers

A professional business image is important to gain customers, build trust and create a positive first impression. Your first impression should not be your last. That is why companies hire professional American business copywriters and editors from ProSEOcontent. We help create and maintain a positive business image.

Business copywriting services are for web copy (not SEO writing) and print materials for businesses. We work with advertising agencies, public relations companies, web designers, individuals and businesses to provide an outsourced writing solution. Many companies use us as their “in-house” copywriting team to produce informational and marketing products.

Provide “In-House” Copywriting Services Without the Overhead of Full-Time Employees

We work behind the scenes to offer businesses of all sizes an affordable copywriting solution without sacrificing quality. We are a professional copywriting company providing an outsourced “in-house” copywriting team to support your business. We never contact your clients unless you ask us to on your behalf – and we always use your business name. Clients will never know that we are a contracted copywriting solution and not your own copywriting department. That’s why top public relations firms, advertising agencies and businesses use ProSEOcontent as their own “in-house” copywriting department. Small and large businesses benefit by having the support of a professional writing company at an affordable price. What could be better than saving money without sacrificing the quality of writing that only expert copywriters can offer?

American English-Speaking Writers: Quality Copywriting Done Right the First Time

From a business point of view, there are some services that can be effectively outsourced overseas without sacrificing quality. Writing is not one of them.

If your business base is an English-speaking audience, you need to hire professional American writers. Effective copywriting sounds natural and relates to the target audience, so doesn’t it make sense that your writing comes from someone who lives in the same country as the audience it’s intended for?

Spotting the work of an overseas writer is easy because the writing can sometimes come off as unnatural, formal and written by the book. There are linguistic nuances (“by the book,” “comes off as,” “done right,” etc.) that only a native-speaker would naturally use. These nuances aren’t taught in school. Overseas writing is effective for an overseas audience. When hiring a copywriting company, businesses should always consider their target audience/market.

Copywriting Services for Advertising Firms, Public Relations Agencies, Copywriting Companies and Businesses

Why do the top advertising agencies, public relations firms, businesses and even copywriting companies outsource copywriting to us? Because we’re professional and discrete. We provide business to business (b2b) copywriting services for all your writing needs. You can either expand your business service offerings by adding our copywriting services or use our writing services as your in-house writing team. Example services include:

  • Business copywriting
  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • e-Books (ghostwriting)
  • PDF Writing
  • Case studies
  • White Papers
  • Newsletters
  • Free reports as sign-up bonuses
  • Pamphlets/Brochures
  • Marketing Materials
  • E-mail Sales Marketing

Because every business’ needs are different, please contact us for a quote. We offer affordable quality writing services, quick turnaround times and the professionalism you expect from a quality service provider.

Copywriting and editing quotes are based on type of business writing requested (PDF document, Brochure, White papers) and average monthly order. Volume discounts can be negotiated. To give you an idea of rates:

  • Copywriting starts at $200 per page
  • Copyediting starts at $100 per page

Please use our contact form to request a quote or inquire about services you don’t see in our list.

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