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SEO Consulting Services

SEO consultations are for businesses that need guidance on choosing SEO services, those who have specific questions they want answered and/or businesses who would like an expert SEO analysis and review (to assess optimization) of their website.

We make optimization services affordable by directly addressing the issues that affect your website, your industry and your niche. We understand budget constraints – that’s why each consultation comes with a customized optimization plan broken down into stages. Our SEO action plans are outlined in phases to address the most important optimization issues that prevent your website’s search engine visibility first. We recommend the most affordable services that give you the most return on investment.

If you choose us to optimize your website, not only will we apply a $250 credit towards your optimization plan, but there’s no obligation to continue services beyond Phase I (there’s no optimization “secret” – we give you the plan of action for your website – our “secret” is that we can do it all for you so you can get back to business).

Affordable, Personalized, Targeted SEO Consultations

You won’t get generic answers when you use our SEO consultation service. Prior to your personal consultation, your assigned consultant has already done a quick SEO review and analysis of your website. For a detailed SEO analysis of your website, please see our SEO Consulting – Analysis and Review Service. The difference between our hourly consulting plan and the detailed SEO analysis review plan (besides being a detailed review of your website) is that we make SEO consulting services affordable and accessible for small businesses and individuals. Besides being cheaper, we can often problem shoot the most important optimization areas of your website within an hour and give you a customized SEO plan with a quote for either you (or us) to work on. We suggest buying one hour of service (often, that’s all that’s needed) first. Please contact us if you would like a customized SEO training package for your business (SEO training plans are for businesses that want to learn/train their employees to SEO and maintain their own website optimization).

Every consultation includes a free customized quote for SEO services from ProSEOcontent. You will receive the quote after our consultation. We never upsell you on services you don’t need. The goals you specify for your website and how to achieve them (with the most return on investment – ROI), are addressed first.

To make SEO services even more affordable, if you choose to use one of the optimization plans quoted for your business, we will apply a $250 credit towards the cost of service.

SEO Consulting by the Hour - One Hour SEO Consultation

SEO Consulting by the Hour - One Hour SEO Consultation

If you're on a budget but still want the opinion of an expert SEO consultant that will customize an optimization plan for your website, buy affordable SEO consulting services by the hour. You will be assigned an SEO consultant to answer any questions you have, give you recommendations that you can either implement yourself or hire us to do the work. Ordering our optimization services by the hour gives budget-minded businesses an opportunity to compete with larger companies.

After you order our hourly SEO consulting service and set up a time for an online, email or telephone (live consultations can be accommodated for an additional fee) appointment, your assigned consultant will do a quick analysis of your website to troubleshoot the most important optimization issues to be addressed. You get more with our hourly consulting services than with any other SEO company because all optimization plans are already tailored to your business. That's just the kind of personal service and attention to detail that you can expect with any order from ProSEOcontent.

Price: $250

Full Service SEO Consulting - Complete SEO Analysis / Review Service

Full Service SEO Consulting - Complete SEO Analysis / Review Service

Our complete SEO consulting service provides a full SEO analysis and review of your website from the inside out. Think of our SEO analysis as taking an x-ray of your website. We start by reviewing your content management system (CMS), internal website structure, theme/template and code, to troubleshoot any optimization issues. Then, we do an on-page and off-page optimization assessment of the website. After the SEO review is complete, you will be provided a detailed report of your website - from internal linking structure to optimization problem areas to recommendations on fixing them. An actual consultation to answer any questions you may have is also provided.

You can use the optimization analysis as a guide to either apply the recommended SEO solutions yourself or hire us to do the work for you. If you hire us, you will receive a $250 credit towards any of the customized SEO plans we recommend (a selection of optimization plans - put together specifically for your website - will be provided in the report).

Full Service SEO Consulting - Complete SEO Analysis / Review Service Includes:
  • Content Management System (CMS) Analysis
  • Website structure / accessibility Analysis
  • On-Page SEO Analysis - Includes checking for the following issues that prevent a website from being fully optimized to its potential:
    • Code/JavaScript issues
    • Meta Tag Optimization
    • Theme/Template issues
  • Off-Page SEO Analysis - Includes details on website promotion efforts that affect rankings:
    • Backlink building/popularity
    • SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) rankings for targeted keywords (if any)
    • Basic Keyword Research Service - We research and recommend keywords that your website can rank for immediately
    • Website Page Rank
  • Recommendations
  • SEO consultation
  • Free Customized SEO Plan
  • $250 credit applied towards SEO services for any of the SEO optimization plans we recommend. Our plans are flexible and recommended in stages to address the most important optimization issues that affect your website first. You can choose us to provide SEO services for the first phase and stop there (and do the rest yourself) if you want. We understand budget constraints and do our best to accommodate.

Price: $950

Before your appointment, we suggest getting together a list of questions that you want to ask. The first, and most important question we ask you to think about is: What do you want to accomplish with your website? Is your goal search engine visibility? Link Building? Social networking? Finding an e-commerce solution? Having an idea of your website goals helps your consultant further design a customized SEO plan for you.

Not sure where to start? Here are some common questions we are often asked:

  • Which content management system (CMS) should I use for my business? (The answer depends on what the goals of your website are).
  • How do I optimize my website?
  • I’ve had a website for a few years now but am not getting any conversions – any idea why?
  • How do I increase website visibility in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) rankings?
  • What are the most important optimization issues I need to address for my website?
  • How do I start optimizing my own website?
  • Can you teach me how to manage my own SEO to save some money? Yes, we can. Please use our contact form to request a quote for a customized SEO training package for your business.
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