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SEO Web Design & Development

Choosing a web design firm for a new or existing business website is the most important decision you make. A website designed with search engine optimization in mind will provide a solid foundation for future SEO efforts. A traditional web design company provides a good website focused on appearance. Unfortunately, many web designers neglect search engine optimization and do not make search engine friendly websites.

An optimized website design from a professional SEO design firm gives your website an SEO advantage over the competition by focusing on appearance and search engine friendliness. SEO friendly web design services from ProSEOcontent guarantees a quality website designed for search engine friendliness and human usability.

A Search Engine Optimized Website with high search engine visibility begins before any writing is ever done. We build websites on a solid foundation so that all future SEO efforts are maximized for search engine visibility. When we build, or re-build your website, we address the issues that may be preventing search engines from crawling your site effectively.

Please see below for discount offers and information about getting the Thesis Theme (the SEO framework we build our optimized websites on).

Search Engine Friendly Website Design Service

Benefits of ProSEOcontent SEO Website Designs –  Designed and Built for Humans and Search Engines

  • Easy for users to navigate
  • Visually appealing
  • Search Engine Friendly Websites
  • Optimized for Content
  • Clean, valid code markup
  • Easy for clients to manage and maintain
  • Focus on internal website structure and code – Optimized websites are more than just a “pretty face”
  • Secure
  • Fast and Lightweight websites

We put WordPress SEO on overdrive to help your website rank higher. All packages listed here are for WordPress-based installations.

Thesis Theme Design / Customization Service - Just Design

Thesis Theme Design / Customization Service - Just Design

The Thesis Design and Customization Service is for websites that already use the Thesis Theme* for WordPress and for clients that order our WordPress Security Premium Installation and want to add design/customization services. Out-of-the-box, Thesis is already an SEO optimized theme. When we work with Thesis, we configure the optimal SEO settings for you and add additional SEO and Security features, along with designing a search engine friendly website. Thesis Customization services include designing static homepages (for those that want to use their WordPress installation as a business content management system versus just using WordPress as a blog).

Design and Customization Includes:
  • Thesis Website Design
  • Logo / Header Design
  • Thesis Theme Customization
  • Optimal SEO Settings Configured

Price: $950

Thesis Bundle - Basic - Theme Installation, Design, Customization, Optimization Package

Thesis Bundle - Basic - Theme Installation, Design, Customization, Optimization Package

Save money by buying our Basic Thesis Bundle - Installation, Design and Optimization Package! Our Basic Optimized Websites based on Thesis are the best value for small business websites. Have a secured, search engine friendly design and professionally optimized website at an affordable price.

Our Basic Thesis bundle includes our Premium WordPress Security Installation Service with a customized Thesis Design. Our bundled Basic Thesis installation package is for new websites and includes all the search engine optimization advantages and security features to get your small business website started on the right foot. Plus, we include both Google Analytics and Google Webmaster account setup and verification, so that you can start tracking statistics, customers and conversions immediately.

Basic Thesis Bundle Package Includes:
  • Thesis Website Design
  • Logo / Header Design
  • Thesis Theme Customization
  • Latest stable Thesis Theme* Installation with optimized SEO settings already configured
  • Secure WordPress Installation
  • Feedburner Feedsmith Plugin installed and configured to collect and track feeds
  • Google Analytics Account Setup and Verified for tracking
  • Google Webmaster Account Setup and Verified for tracking
  • Google Sitemap Generator Plugin
Retail Value: $1400

Our bundled Basic Thesis package is the most affordable SEO website design solution we provide.

Price: $1300

Easy to Manage Client-Friendly Websites

We provide monthly SEO and website maintenance services, but understand budget constraints for many of our small business clients. That is why our websites are built to be user-friendly for clients – businesses can manage their websites without coding knowledge or needing to hire a professional SEO firm to maintain them. All you have to do is add content and you will already be ahead of the competition.

WordPress for Small Business Content Management System and Thesis Theme Customization Optimization Service

WordPress Content Management System (CMS)

Website optimization starts with choosing the right content management system (CMS) for your business. For most small businesses, WordPress is the most affordable solution because it is free, scalable and already search-engine-friendly. WordPress can easily be adapted to power small business websites. However, to use WordPress effectively as a small business CMS, there are adjustments that need to be made. When you order one of our SEO web design packages, you have peace-of-mind that the customized WordPress installation we provide already addresses the most common WordPress issues.

  • Security – We secure every WordPress installation at the root level to make your installation harder to hack. No company can guarantee a hacker-proof WordPress site but our installations make it harder by addressing common WordPress security issues.
  • Speed Optimization – We optimize your WordPress speed at the root level. Too many plugins and bulky themes are often the culprits of slow WordPress sites. Our installations are plugin-light and the theme we build all our optimized websites on is the premium Thesis Theme.
  • Premium Theme – We build websites based on the Thesis framework, which provides clean, valid code markup, on-page search engine optimization features and loads fast. Best of all, it is easy for clients to make design adjustments on without coding knowledge. Thesis itself is user-friendly but there are many optimization settings that a beginner might overlook. Our Thesis installation is not an out-of-the-box install. We configure optimization settings for you to maximize search engine visibility.
  • Optimized Design – Basic Thesis design settings are already optimized for speed and search engine visibility. But, who wants a small business website that looks like all the others? Present your business professionally with a custom Thesis design. To make a Thesis site look like unique, coding knowledge is required. That’s where we come in.

We use WordPress as a CMS over other Content Management Systems because it is easy for the client to manage themselves, allows for expansion of website features in the future, and is one of the most popular content management systems. Clients will be able to add/edit pages/content themselves with no coding knowledge needed.

Our goal is to make affordable websites that are easy for clients to use and manage without having to depend on professional service providers after the initial setup.

Existing Websites – We Preserve Current Page Rank by Re-Directing Your Old Links

When we re-design your website, we take into account current Page Rank and re-direct your old links to your new ones using a 301 .htaccess permanent re-direct. By redirecting current links, we preserve your Page Rank and any incoming links from websites that you already have.

For existing websites, we develop your new website offline so that there is no down time for your current website. You will be able to see the web design and features as it progresses (since it will be available on our test sites). When you approve the new website, we will schedule a time to upload the new design onto your server and take down the old website (we will back up the old website and send it to you).

WordPress Security in Website Design

WordPress Security – ProSEOcontent includes WordPress Security Features with Every WordPress Optimization Installation

Because WordPress is such a popular CMS, it does come with security issues. That’s why every website we build comes with security features you won’t get anywhere else – including Firewall protection, .htaccess security (protects the WordPress installation on the server), login/password protection and more. Learn about the WordPress Security Services that are included with every one of our SEO Optimized Website Designs.

On a Budget? We Can Customize Website Design and Search Engine Optimization Packages

Our pre-packaged website design plans are put together to address new website search engine optimization needs. Of course, every website is different and there are additional optimization issues to consider when designing or re-designing an existing website.

Please contact us for a quote to customize a package for your business website optimization. We can accommodate budgets of all sizes by addressing vital SEO issues first.

Estimated Turnaround Time

Please contact us to for current turnaround times. Typically, website design and development takes about 2-3 months to complete from the time services are contracted. Estimated turnaround times might take longer if we run into server problems with your hosting provider that are out of our control.

Discounts Available

Discount: 10% discount will be applied if the client allows us to place a link in the footer crediting ProSEOcontent for web design and/or SEO content (depending on service ordered). The footer is the place at the bottom of the website, usually where the copyright notice is.

Thesis Rebate Discount

* The Thesis Theme is a premium WordPress theme sold by DIY Themes, LLC. We have a developer’s license which enables us to offer the theme to you for $40 (already included and discounted for you in our Thesis Bundles). The difference between getting the license from us and straight through DIY Themes, LLC is that you will not be able to access the private forum and paid areas of the DIYthemes website. We will still be able to change the footer credits with our license.

If you would like access to the private forums and paid areas of the DIYthemes website and would like your own license to use the Thesis Theme, you can order through our affiliate link and receive a credit (please see details on our Thesis Discount page – link given below) towards any of our Thesis Theme Customization / Website Design Packages or the Premium WordPress Security Service Package.

Learn more about our Thesis Discount Coupon / Rebate Program.
Give your website an SEO advantage to rank higher than the competition.
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