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SEO Copywriting Services

Quality content writing is the first step of any website’s long-term SEO strategy. ProSEOContent provides quality SEO content writing services to help you rank above the competition. Our contracted professional copywriters are expert writers and search engine optimization experts who understand the delicate balance of writing for search engines and human readers. Quality SEO copywriting will engage readers, position your company as an authority in your field and convert them into customers without being obviously written to increase search engine rank.

Choose our SEO copywriting services for on page website content creation, for example, Ecommerce Website Writing, Informational pages, Product Description pages, About Us pages, etc.

Other on-page optimization writing services you may be interested in:

SEO Product and Services Description Writing Service - 5 Products

SEO Product and Services Description Writing Service - 5 Products

Writing unique product and services descriptions differentiates your website from the competition and increases sales and rankings in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

SEO Product and Services Description Writing Service offers your website a competitive edge by including all the advantages you need for your product pages to rank higher:

  • Keyword Research
  • Product Research
  • Unique SEO writing for 5 products
  • Product Descriptions will be 100-200 words each
By providing additional benefits, reviews and descriptions of common products and services that you and the competition are selling, you build trust and credibility with casual information-seeking web surfers. Convert casual surfers into your customers by providing the information they won't get from the competition.

In terms of SERPs rankings, using standard product descriptions provided by the manufacturer or copied from other websites will not help you in rankings because search engines rank older descriptions (most likely, from the original manufacturer's website description) higher. What that means for you is that you need to differentiate your product descriptions.

Price: $155

Website SEO Writing - On Page Optimization Service - 5 Pages

Website SEO Writing - On Page Optimization Service - 5 Pages

Website SEO Writing - On Page Optimization Service provides optimization of static website pages. These are the pages on your website that don't change much and are the core informational pages of the site.

Static pages are promoted with link building by using optimized anchor text. It is important to optimize static website pages because they are the core informational pages that are promoted and when optimized correctly, offer the most return on investment. Properly optimized web pages work for you in a "set it and forget it" way - it can be done once and doesn't need to be maintained unless more keyword phrases are targeted.

Properly optimized pages start with targeting the right keywords, balancing keyword density within the content and using heading and title tags correctly. We include these services in our On Page Optimization package.

Our On Page Optimization Service with SEO Writing includes the following for 5 Pages:

  • Keyword Research
  • Website Research
  • SEO On Page Writing for 5 pages
  • Proper Title and Heading Tags for On Page Optimization
  • Proper Meta Tag Optimization: Title, Description, Keywords
  • Each Page will include approximately 300-1000 words of content
*We offer a 10% Discount on this service if you allow ProSEOcontent to place a link in your footer crediting us for optimization.

If choosing the option above, please contact us to purchase services – include a list of services you would like if applicable - and you will be invoiced. This guarantees you will be billed correctly.

Price: $1100

SEO Content Writing Service - 300 Word Website SEO Copywriting

SEO Keyword copywriting start at this length.
Price: $165

SEO Content Writing Service - 400 Word Website SEO Copywriting

Minimum ideal length of article. 400-600 words is standard.
Price: $220

SEO Content Writing Service - 500 Word Website SEO Copywriting

Ideal length of keyword targeted articles.
Price: $275

SEO Content Writing Service - 600 Word Website SEO Copywriting

Ideal Keyword targeted SEO article length.
Price: $330

Customize SEO Services! Request a Quote

Please Contact us for volume discounts and custom orders. We work with you.

Customize SEO Services

Benefits of SEO Copywriting Services from ProSEOcontent

  • Original quality content written exclusively for your website.
  • We target keywords and phrases that are vigorously researched for your specific market. Depending on the SEO package ordered, we will either use the keywords you give us upon ordering services or the ones that we have researched and are approved by you.
  • All copy is unique content and passes Copyscape.
  • American copywriters who are native English speakers.

ProSEOcontent offers SEO Copywriting services for every budget

Please review our Copywriting packages to pick one that fits your budget and SEO plan.

All copywriting is written by a professional English copywriter and goes through an editor before you even see it. ProSEOcontent’s Quality Assurance Guarantee applies to every SEO service we offer. As the number of articles requested increase, the price decreases per article. Please contact us if you would like more information regarding bulk/volume discounts.

Basic SEO Copywriting Packages include:

  • One round of revision editing (if the copy must be approved by more than one person, please gather all input and send us the edits in one email. One round of revisions means all edits to your copy must be received in one email).
  • ProSEOcontent Quality Guarantee
  • Basic SEO keyword research is included. ProSEOcontent’s Competitive SEO keyword research and analysis is not included but highly recommended as an add-on. If you have keywords already, we’ll be happy to use them to write your content. We suggest one main keyword or phrase targeted per article with variations for long-tail keywords. You can see the advantages of our competitive keyword research services here.
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