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Social Networking and Social Media Services

Social Media Networking and Public Relations Services Web 2.0 Properties

Social Media and Public Relations Services - We socialize so you don't have to

Social Media Networking is like the online Public Relations arm of your business. Social media extends beyond communicating with customers via Twitter, Facebook and social networking sites. Social media for business serves the following purposes:

  • Builds customer trust and develops a more personalized relationship – Social media humanizes your business and gives it a voice
  • Makes your website an authority site to gain web trust
  • Taps into an audience that is ready, willing and able to buy your product or service – social media targets customers who are conversion-minded
  • Promotes your websites
  • Builds optimized anchor-text-backlinks to your website for higher search engine results page rankings

Effective use of social media starts with creating optimized pages on web 2.0 properties (which are trusted authority sites with high Page Rank – like HubPages, Squidoo, Facebook, etc.). But simply creating these “mini websites” that link back to your website are not enough without proper maintenance – which includes updated content, finding the right target audience, finding similar sites to network with and following up on comments. That’s why we offer optimized profiles/page creation services on web 2.0 properties as well as web 2.0 page maintenance services.

If you can do it all yourself, more power to you. There’s no secret to social media networking – it’s simply creating keyword and content-rich optimized profiles, finding the right target audience, and socializing with similar businesses and your customers. The problem is that all of this research, setup and socializing takes a lot of time. That’s where we come in.

If you don’t have time to create optimized profiles and keep them fresh with content, let us do the socializing for you. We are a professional social media and public relations firm that takes your business image seriously. As the face and voice of your business online, we understand the importance of presenting a professional image and take great care to do so.

Please contact us to discuss your social media and/or public relations needs. We offer affordable social media and public relations services. We can create a customized package or SEO plan that gives you the highest return on investment for your budget.

Services Include:

  • Social media profile building on web 2.0 properties
  • HubPage building & Hub marketing
  • Squidoo Lens creation & Lens marketing
  • Active Rain Profile Creation
  • SEO Slideshare slideshow
  • Online Public Relations Services
  • Social media maintenance services
  • *Social Networking Services include setup & building of optimized profiles. Social networking on behalf of companies and maintenance of pages can be ordered on a contract basis.

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