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Thesis Theme Discount – Rebate and Coupon Credit Towards SEO Services

The Thesis Theme for WordPress is our secret weapon to search engine optimized websites. Thesis provides the perfect foundation for any optimized website design and should be in the SEO toolbox of any business serious about search engine visibility.

Because we design optimized websites based on Thesis, we offer a Thesis discount or rebate towards any of our Thesis customization, design or optimization services. Since DIY Themes, LLC (the developers of the premium WordPress theme) no longer allows discounts to be paid in the form of monetary rebates, we offer Thesis bundles and rebates in the form of credit towards our Thesis-based SEO services.

Thesis Theme Discount Credit Details

Thesis Rebate Discount

See All the SEO Features Thesis Offers

To receive a Thesis Theme rebate/credit towards any of our Thesis Theme services, please follow these instructions carefully. The discount credit you receive depends on which license you purchase:

Thesis Developer’s Option – Receive a $50 credit to use towards our Thesis optimization /design services

Thesis Personal Option – Receive a $30 credit to use towards our Thesis optimization / design services

Instructions on receiving the Thesis Theme Discount/Rebate Credit

1. Clear browser cookies to ensure that DIYThemes tracks the purchase correctly.

2. Purchase either plan through our affiliate link: Thesis Theme Discount/Rebate Credit

3. After your purchase, you will receive a Paypal receipt. Please forward the receipt to us so we can properly match your purchase with our records.

4. Please allow 3-5 business days for us to confirm that the proper credit is received.

5. We will email you a confirmation that your Thesis purchase was made correctly and send you a one-time use discount coupon code towards any of our Thesis services.

6. That’s it!

Thesis Rebate Discount

Frequently Asked Questions about our Thesis Discount Program

What is the difference between the Personal Option and the Developer’s Option?

The Thesis personal option allows only one live installation and one installation on a test server. It also does not allow the footer link attribution (linking to the Thesis Theme website) to be removed.

The Developer’s option allows unlimited installations for the license holder. This is the option to choose if you are an internet marketer, web development company, web designer or just have multiple websites you want to use the theme on.

The Developer’s option (which is what we have) also allows companies to develop websites using the Thesis Theme framework for a discounted fee per website. We include this fee in our Thesis-based services already and register your copy of Thesis for you.

Which Thesis license do I get if I purchase one of ProSEOcontent’s Thesis services?

If you purchase any of our Thesis Theme-based Services – whether it be for optimized website design, general optimization or Premium WordPress Security installation – you receive a license under our web development license. It is more a one-time-use license for your website than a full license. The cost of our services include the $40 that DIY Themes collects from us for the privilege of using Thesis for website development. We, and you, are able to remove the footer link attribution and do what we will with the theme for your one registered website. If you plan on powering multiple websites, we suggest buying the Web Developer’s option.

The main difference between a license that we obtain for you and a license you purchase, is that the license from us does not allow you into the private Thesis Forum or paid areas of the DIY Themes / Thesis website. If you are not doing much with the Thesis Theme along the lines of design or customization, then the forums will not be of much help. The forum and paid areas are more for web developers/designers/do-it-yourself-ers to discuss customization options and to problem shoot installations.

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